Flocker 1.1  is a software designed to analyse group size data differentiating between outsiders' view (group size) versus insiders' view (crowding) measures.

Theoretical background, examples, and description of statistical procedures are found in

Reiczigel et al. 2008. Measures of sociality: two different views of group size, Animal Behaviour, 75, 715-721.

The software is free to use and distribute for scientific and educational purposes. Please cite the above article as a theoretical background of the statistical procedures.

Download Flocker 1.1

Note that Flocker is not developed any longer. We recommend that you use our
on-line software QPweb. It contains all analysis methods offered by Flocker 1.1.
Procedures of QPweb that can be used for group size analysis:
with 1 sample:
-conf.int for mean intensity or mean abundance (these are same because in group size analysis there are no zero group sizes)
-conf.int for median intensity or median abundance (also equivalent for group size)
-conf.int for mean crowding (this is the "insiders' view", the previous ones represent the "outsiders' view")
with 2 samples:
-comparison of mean intensities or mean abundances (equivalent for group size)
-comparison of median intensities or median abundances (equivalent for group size)
-comparison of mean crowding (this represents the "insiders' view")
with 3 or more samples:
-comparison of median intensities (only "outsiders' view")

(updated on 6 August 2018)