Jenő Reiczigel, PhD, DSc
Professor and Head, Department of Biomathematics and Informatics, University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest
H-1078, Budapest, István u. 2, Hungary

Office:     Building L, 3rd floor, 304
Phone:   (+36-1) 4784213
Fax:         (+36-1) 4784217
Email:     reiczigel.jeno@
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O k t a t á s / T e a c h i n g :

Informatik 2018

Alkalmazott biostatisztikus posztgrad. szakképzés

K u t a t á s / R e s e a r c h :

Power analysis of two-sample location-scale tests in case of skewed data and progressive shift alternative

Exact inference for the risk ratio with an imperfect diagnostic test     With an on-line calculator!

Confidence limits for prevalence adjusted for sensitivity/specificity     With on-line calculators!

Two different views of group size

Quantitative Parasitology (QPweb)   1.0.13 (18 Jan 2017)

Exact tests and confidence limits for two binomials

Applied stochastic modeling in veterinary epidemiology

Bootstrap test of stochastic equality

Statistical analysis of crowding

L i n k e k / L i n k s :

Klinikai Biostatiszikai Társaság

International Society for Clinical Biostatistics

European Journal of Ecology

(last updated on 29 July 2018)