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János Kis

Department of Ecology    Institute for Biology    Faculty of Veterinary Science    Szent István University

Classical Concert Club
Strém Koncert Kft. (SKK, Strém Concerts Ltd.) and Budapesti Fesztiválzenekar (BFZ, Budapest Festival Orchestra) offer regurarly reduced price or free tickets for students and employees of the Faculty of  Veterinary Science. You can find current offers via the links below. Tickets can be ordered by e-mailing to me. There is only a limited number of tickets, so the earlier has better chance. I will answer all requests. You can take your tickets always at the desk of the organizer just before the concert referring to me. Offers arrive usually just a few days before the concerts.  You should write me a mail to put you on my mailing list. Then you  would get information on all offers. At spring I spend most of my time with field work and there I have no access to the internet. Therefore, sometimes I make mistakes. I do this organizing just because of my musicophily. I do not take any responsibility.

Requests for SKK concerts should arrive 4 days before the concerts. 

We owe thanks to Ildikó Ács and Katalin Havas at SKK and to Orsolya Bagi at BFZ for these offers.
At Művészetek Palotája (Palace of Arts, Budapest) students with a valid student card of a Hungarian educational institute can enter for a  reduced rate (200 HUF in 2006) It is worth to arrive at least half an hour before the beginning of the concerts!

Concerts offered at reduced rate or free:

BFZ-concerts            SKK-concerts

Links to homepages of the benefactors:


Concert Calendar

A bivalyitató      paintings of my father, Endre Kis  

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