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János Kis

Department of Ecology    Institute for Biology    Faculty of Veterinary Science    Szent István University

This page is under construction: further details on research opportunities and a short description of my courses will come

Behaviour, Ecology & Evolution of butterflies

Research opportunities for students for preparing diploma (MSc, BSc)

& Student Research Competition ("TDK") theses

Modell species: Clouded Apollo butterfly Parnassius mnemosyne


The evolution of sphragis in butterflies

  • Morphological variation in Clouded Apollos: between-population variation in butterflies and sphragis morphology (work with museum specimens)
  • Evolutionary history of sphragis morphology in  Parnassiinae (Apollos and allies; work with museum specimens)
  • Sphragis production in Clouded Apollos: functional anatomy of genitalia. Co-advisor: Dr. Adrien Fónagy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Plant Protection Institute. (lab)
  • Mating behaviour  in Clouded Apollos. (field,  lab)

The effect of ecological constraints on butterfly behaviour

  • Nectar plant selection and availability in Clouded Apollos. Co-advisor: Dr.  Irén Siller, Dept. Botany. (field)
  • The effect of microclimate on the daily activity of Clouded Apollos. (field, lab)
  • Sexual dimorphism and temperature regulation in Clouded Apollos. (field, lab)

We can communicate in Hungarian, English or French. However, reading and writing in English is a must.

Current courses 

Except Journal Club in English, all my courses are in Hungarian

Applied Zoology (BSc & MSc)

  • Behavioural Ecology
  • Journal Club  Behavioural Ecology
  • Statistics
  • Research Planning
  • Field Methods in Ecology

Biology BSc

  • Behavioural Ecology
  • Current Trends in Biology 
  • Statistics
  • Research Planning
  • Field Methods in Ecology

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