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     Parnassius Evolutionary Studies

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top bottom Males and females of  most organisms face different evolutionary interests in the course of reproduction. This sexual conflict manifests in an evolutionary arms' race between the sexes and often leads to amazing behavioural, physiological and morphological traits. One example is sphragis produced by males in some butterflies that externally blocks  female genitalia. I am interested in the evolutionary processes and history of such traits. My favourite study animals are Parnassius  butterflies (Papilionidae).

For my PhD, I studied another aspect of sexual conflict, the conflict in parental care in a group of precocial birds, the waders.
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János Kis

research fellow

Institute for Biology

Faculty of Veterinary Science

Szent István University

sphragis-bearing Parnassius mnemosyne

incubating female Kentish plover
photo on J. Kis


János Kis
Department of Ecology
Szent István  University
Rottenbiller u. 50.
H-1077 Budapest, Hungary

office          +36 (1) 478 42 53
secretary   +36 (1) 478 42 31
fax           +36 (1) 478 42 32
e-mail        kis.janos at

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