Find two new procedures for the analysis of parasite sex ratios.

For more detais see the "Version History" in "Notes to QPweb" .

Quantitative Parasitology (QPweb)

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Statistical procedures in QPweb are implemented using the statistical software R.
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    Reiczigel J, Marozzi M, Fabian I, Rozsa L (2019) Biostatistics for parasitologists –
    a primer to Quantitative Parasitology, Trends in Parasitology (in press)   (preview)

Notes to QPweb (tips, known issues, version history)
  •   Jeno Reiczigel, Lajos Rozsa (methodology and statistical programming)
  •   Andras Reiczigel, Ibolya Fabian (web programming)

Version 1.0.14   (15 January 2019)